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First Breath

First Breath

First Breath, 2023

60cm x 100cm 
Ink, acrylic, resin, gold leaf foil on mirror
Metallic frame, ready to hang

About the artwork:

First Breath, is about the moment of giving birth - a child's first breath. The contrast and energy in this artwork reflects the emotional intensity of this moment. The colors and composition unfolds the story of building a family - two coming together and creating a new life. A newborn is like a blank sheet of paper, a fresh start, a new beginning.

As a viewer, I hope for you to find a moment in your life where you can relate to this mental landscape. Among chaos and change - there is a refreshing, joyful kind of peace. I envision the artwork bringing into your home a serene, harmonious feeling.


Shipping quotation will be provided upon the confirmation of address provided by the client. Due to the nature of the artwork and the size/weight of each piece, this artwork will need to be crated for international shipping out of Hong Kong.

Local collectors do not require crate, delivery can be arranged through local couriers. (Viewing of artwork are also welcome at my studio by appointment.)


Note: These images are taken under studio lighting staged in an all white surrounding to best showcase the artwork's details and to minimize anything reflecting off the artwork's glossy finish and mirror canvas. Please note that what is displayed on the screen here can have color discrepancies based on the environment and lighting the artwork is housed in.

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