Collection: A Nourishing Mindset

This collection, A Nourishing Mindset, is born out of a desire to create a body of work focusing on the idea of "self". Through my career change, and the last few years of growing a small creative business, I've gone through lots of ups and downs, and at times it's been challenging, and other times it's been exhilarating. Over time, I realized that the most important thing to have while going through different seasons of life, is the ability to maintain a healthy and nourishing mindset. That speaks to self-worth, self-confidence, self-love, and a general practice of self-awareness. Fear of failure and change paralyzes us; doubts of our own ability inhibits self-growth. Perspective is everything - the first step is to have a mindset that looks forward and not backwards. 

Whether you are an individual venturing the path of entrepreneurship, or a new mother tackling the unknown field of motherhood, or someone who is discontent with their relationship or career - I hope for these artwork to encourage you, to validate you and to speak for you. You are a worthy, capable and amazing individual. Stay true to yourself and embrace the uncertainties of life.