Artist Statement

Joyce Chiang’s artistic practice centers on negotiating balance—between spontaneity and control, ephemerality and permanence. The beauty of her work is in its ability to capture these fleeting moments of harmony where the unexpected and the intended coexist. Her works showcase acts of transformation and evolution, dynamic forces central to life. 

Chiang’s works are fluid expressions of a dialogue between artist, medium and canvas. These works contrast and couple intense bursts of energy with softer moments of rest. Chiang draws a parallel to how we live life—a series of negotiations in which we must learn to embrace moments of flux brought on by new perspectives before we recenter and find moments of peace. In this pursuit of balance, Chiang inspires a sense of calm while capturing the dynamism of life on canvas, inviting us also to question the meaning of fulfillment and reflect on our own journeys through life.

Ink is the perfect metaphor to explore the tension between precision and freedom, where color moves freely across the canvas, evolving as it meets and responds to Chiang’s artistic intention. The use of resin offers new opportunities to add and subtract from the work, investigating texture and opacity. Depth is created over multiple layers of interplay between ink, resin, and gold leaf accents, drawing the viewer in to examine and inspect unexpected moments of intricacy and complexity. The artwork transforms into a powerful, compelling whole, achieving harmonious balance.