Collection: Reflection

‘Reflection’ is a part of a larger ongoing collection of work, “Butterfly Effect” - a phenomenon in which a couple of initial small changes can cause a series of large effects subsequently. A chain reaction, simply put - and I’m especially interested in studying these conditions related to active human choices and the effect it has on our environment and us, as human beings.

This ongoing series of artworks centers around navigating motherhood. In late 2022, I became a mother to a little boy and this active decision to start a family brought about a lot of changes in my life. Through each piece of artwork, I’m documenting my mental landscape or certain significant moments in this beautiful yet exhilarating roller coaster ride. Using mirrors as my canvas is an ode to the constant process of self reflection of my identity.  Each piece is like freezing a moment in time and my way of sharing this intimate journey with the world.