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A Beauty From Within 2 (2022)

A Beauty From Within 2 (2022)

A Beauty From Within 2, 2022
76cm x 102cm
Ink, resin, gold leaf foil on aluminum
Inset wood frame, ready to hang 

About the artwork:

“Never judge a book by its cover”. Inspired by the natural phenomenon of slot canyons (i.e. Antelope Canyons) - a seemingly unsuspecting landscape holds pockets of deep caverns consisting of unique sculptural formations created by slow erosion and sediment deposition.

It mirrored my thoughts of what I think is the essence of being human - an individual's personality. To look beyond our appearance, what’s most extraordinary of each individual is what lies within. We are made up of a saturated story of emotions and perspectives - deposited each day through our unique experiences. This growth and evolution sculpts the depth in our personality - complex and one of a kind.


Note: These images are taken under studio lighting staged in an all white surrounding to best showcase the artwork's details and to minimize anything reflecting off the artwork's glossy finish. Please note that what is displayed on the screen here can have color discrepancies based on the environment and lighting the artwork is housed in.

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